We are often working in secure areas such as prisons or mental health units where anti-pick sealants are required to prevent damage or to prevent the sealant being removed. These sealants come both 1 part and 2 part types with a variety of colours to suit the perimeter sealing of sanitary ware, bedroom furniture, door frames, window frames and any other area where an extra tough seal is required.

Sealtite Sealants have sealed many leisure facilities and competition swimming pools, changing areas, shower areas, sauna rooms and swimming pools that are in constant use. This makes the sealants job all the more important in a tough environment so we usually recommend a hard wearing 2 part sealant which requires zero maintenance throughout its long life. This has many uses such as sanitary ware perimeters, tile junctions, drainage gulley’s to tile joints, swimming pool expansion joints and the sealing around pool lights and cameras.

Anti-pick / Prison and Swimming Pool